Very important univerity center and World Heritage Site of Unesco, it’s considered the cradle of Renaissance, and known as the city of art and architecture. Florence is one of the most beautiful cities of the world, because of its monuments and museums: like cathedral Duomo, Baptistery, bridge Ponte Vecchio and of course gli Uffizi museum, Pallazzo Pitti and market place Piazza della Signoria.





The city of Venice was for more than thousand years the capitol of the Republic of Venice known also as Serenissima, the queen of Adriatic Sea. On the list of World Heritage of Unesco, this city is something unique, built on the water, with wonderful architecture. Ater Rome and Milan is third city most visited by the tourist from all over the world. The most famous monument is Basilica San Marco situated on Piaza San Marco, great example of byzantine art. Absolutely not to be missed the carnival of Venice with beautiful parade of Masks.




Rome, the capital of Italy is one of the oldest and most famous cities of the world. According to the legend Rome was founded in 753 b. C, by two brothers Romulus and Remus, saved and suckled by the wolf. The wolf has become than the simbol of the city. But it was the History to make Rome famous, first as the center of republic of Rome, that as a heart of Christianity. The most important monuments are Colloseum, Forum Romanum, Panhtenon, Castel of Saint Angel, and the last but not least Vatican state with Basilica  of Saint Peter.





The greatest and the most important city of the Emilia – Romagna region, in the past was the capital of Italy tree times: during Western Roman Empire, during the kingdom of Ostrogoths and Eastern Roman Byzantine Empire. The city is known for its well preserves byzanthin and late Roman architecture with important monuments like Mausoleum of Galla Placida, Arian Bapitistry, Basilica of Sant’Apollinaire in classe, and of course because of beautiful mosaics.